Mooching off a cafe’s wifi, having some pretty legit gelato, and learning Italian slowly. Fun. Glad to have Internet for once. If people need pictures of things in Naples or clouds I got some lol

Everything’s good kinda I got seasick and grumpy and slept all day yesterday

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I tried to take a video but you can’t see it, but there is a hugeass fish in the pond outside my grandmas retirement home.
It’s like an overgrown blue koi that’s like two or three feet long
Maybe it ate the ducks…. There’s only one mama and her duckling And with that I leave America See y’all in two weeksish


I have this beautiful fantasy about that gif with Noiz’s Hand.

Like bare with me, if Aoba were to shrink down to the size of like 2 of Noiz’s usagimodoki cubes, and like he’s picking Aoba up, and he’s a little too firm, the bandages on his hands give a hot and constricting feel….

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smoking we’d

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i was trying to save this pic of noiz so i could use it as my icon right


and i was gonna save it as “hot dog” but i messed up and pressed enter before i knew it so this is what actually happened


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why isolate the variable when you can isolate yourself from the world

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♡the final product of my tv head which i’ll be wearing to megacon!!♡

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i live for the applause applause applause

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